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Minimum Investment


Visa Free Travel To 173 Countries Inc. UK & EU

Become an EU Citizen in

180 Days

Relocate to any EU Country

Investment period

5 Years

Live, Work & Study In Any of The 28 European Member States

Cyprus is an attractive destination for investment based immigration offering the quickest and most assured route to citizenship of a European Union member state through the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment Program

In 2014, Cyprus enacted legislation that enables foreign investors to become a Cypriot citizen and obtain a Cypriot passport through naturalisation, making it more accessible and affordable than ever. Passport holders of an EU country are entitled to enter, reside, study and work in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Norway.

Consistently ranked to be one of the best destinations in the world for relocation offering a favourable onshore personal tax regime, high quality education system, a temperate climate, good communication networks and travel connections.

   Benefits of the Cyprus Investment Program

  • Fast Track Passport – 180 Day application process
  • Entire Family Are Eligible – Including Spouse, Children, Parents of the main applicant
  • No requirement to reside in Cyprus prior, during or after application – 1 Visit required for Biometrics
  • Full access to EU with freedom to live, work, study travel along with movement of goods, services and capital
  • Citizenship is transferable to descendants
  • Valid for life
  • Residency issued within 5 days of initial application
  • Visa Free travel to 173 Countries
  • Security – Your families security guaranteed, have an insurance policy against unexpected economics or political instability
  • Attractive Tax Regime – Zero Taxes for non-domiciled individuals – No dividend tax – no inheritance tax
  • 5 Year Exit strategy
  • Dual Citizenship permitted

   Key Motivators

  • Freedom
  • Free Trade
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Education & Health

   Timeline – 180 Day Application Process

step one

Talk to Medway’s Specialist Immigration Advisors

Taking time to understand each and every client’s individual circumstances is key to Medway’s success. We will assist you to ensure the best investment options are matched to your requirements to ensure a seamless application process for your families new EU passports.

step two

Visit Cyprus to view your carefully selected property investment options

This is where our experience and knowledge of the local market comes into its own – offering you direct access to the best properties, hand selected by our experienced Cypriot staff. Everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive at the airport.

step three

Preparation of application and investment – 4 weeks

  • Minimum investment level of €1.5 Million plus purchase of main residence of a minimum value €500,000
  • Investment held in escrow until application is approved.
  • Preparation of residency and citizenship application file
  • Preparation of supporting documentation

step four

Application Process, due diligence and approval – 180 Days

  • Passports & Certificates of Naturalisation are issued
  • Donation of €150,000 to The Cypriot Government

   Invest in your Future

Dual Citizenship and a second passport offer flexibility, security and choice while retaining your present nationality. It offers an effective tool for international tax planning and provides financial privacy for banking and investment.

Freedom of movement and access to the best medical and educational opportunities with improved personal security all make a compelling case to many citizens of countries where political circumstances may make it more difficult to travel due to visa restrictions – A second passport can help you and your family enjoy the freedoms all EU nationals take for granted.

A second passport is the best insurance many international business people can have in an increasingly unstable world.

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